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Teacher Professional Development Programs

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Center X supports educators at all stages of their careers.

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We engage thousands of educators through a portfolio of professional development opportunities offered by the following projects:

UCLA Writing Project

The UCLA Writing Project, one of over 200 sites of the National Writing project, has been working with teachers K-University of all disciplines on the teaching of writing since 1977. We collaborate to find the best strategies for helping students become strong, enthusiastic writers. Our focus is on all students, including English learners, students in under-resourced schools, and students who are among the highest achievers in small schools, public, private and charter schools.

UCLA California Reading & Literature Project

The goal of the UCLA California Reading and Literature Project is to design programs that identify, develop and provide effective instruction in English Language Arts for all students, with a particular focus on English Learners and developing readers. The California Reading and Literature Project provides high quality, standards-based professional development in reading and language arts instruction to ensure that every California K-12 student achieves the highest standards of academic performance.

UCLA Mathematics Project

The UCLA Mathematics Project is part of a statewide program that strives to make a positive impact on math teachers and their students. The project’s goal is to enhance the skill sets of K-12 math teachers who can in turn increase their students’ ability to succeed. Based on over twenty-five years of experience, UCLA Mathematics Project has developed a program that is helping to make significant differences in the quality of teaching in urban schools.


UCLA Science Project

The UCLA Science Project implements programs that identify, develop and promote strategies that make good science instruction available and accessible to all students. The UCLA Science Project offers several programs throughout the year designed to foster collaborative communities of researchers and practitioners. Through these collaborations, the UCLA Science Project aims to deepen teacher’s science content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in order to better meet the needs of their students.

UCLA History Geography Project

The UCLA History-Geography Project, one of the sites of the California History-Social Science Project, is committed to enhancing history-social science education in the Los Angeles region, with a focus on teachers and students in high-need urban schools. We develop and present research-based pedagogical strategies that help all students access our text-based content.


UCLA Parent Project

The UCLA Parent Curriculum Project provides research based programs which focus on developing and sustaining parent involvement and leadership in the Los Angeles County School District. The project brings parents and educators together, stressing that a dialogue between the two is pivotal for the enhancement of student’s scholastic experience. The PCP partners with schools to improve this parent-educator dialogue, which ultimately helps to improve student performance in low performing schools.



The UCLA National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Project is committed to supporting educators pursuing the rigorous National Board Certification Process. The UCLA NBPTS Project brings accomplished teaching and student achievement to the forefront by supporting teachers in achieving the highest level of teaching excellence.


Exploring Computer Science

Exploring Computer Science is an NSF funded project with the mission to increase and enhance the computer science learning opportunities in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) in order to broaden the participation of African-American, Latino/a, and female students in learning computer science. Exploring Computer Science is a 1-year, college-preparatory high-school course that exposes students to the breadth of computer science. Teacher professional development, curricular resources and in-class support are also key elements of the work of Exploring Computer Science.


Mobilize is a targeted National Science Foundation supported partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), UCLA, and the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA). At the heart of Mobilize is “participatory sensing” — a method of data collection and analysis in which students use mobile phones and web services to systematically collect and interpret data about issues important to them and their communities. The goal of Mobilize is to strengthen computer science instruction throughout our educational system and to develop innovative methods for educating and engaging students in Computational Thinking.


The Teacher-Initiated Inquiry Projects (TIIP) program is funded by a grant from the California Postseconday Education Commission. Our goal is to promote teacher innovation and creativity as a vehicle for school reform. To date TIIP has awarded 48 grants to teams of teachers in Los Angeles County to plan and implement their own professional learning.


AP Readiness

The AP Readiness Program aims to improve the teaching abilities of AP (Advanced Placement) instructors while simultaneously giving students the skills they will need to be successful in college level classes. AP Readiness allows students to work with master math and science teachers. Concurrently, their AP teachers observe and learn from the master instructors, gathering a framework for how to successfully conduct an AP course.


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