In light of COVID-19, the Center X office is closed and staff are telecommuting to ensure continuity of our operations. Staff may not have access to their office phone, so please try email first during this time.

Fiscal and Administrative Directory

Staff at Center X in the administrative and fiscal groups.

Name/Title Phone E-mail
Andrea Arias
Assistant Business & Sr. Financial Manager
(310) 206-7173
Annamarie Francois
Executive Director, Center X
(310) 825-6812
Beth Happel
Web Developer
(310) 206-2969
Ada Parsi
Director of Business Administration, Center X
John Rogers
Faculty Director, Center X
(310) 206-4620


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Professional Development Directory

Staff at Center X associated with the Professional Development projects.

Name/Title Phone E-mail
Doreen Ahadian
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Christine Allen
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Shervaughnna Anderson-Byrd
Director, UCLA Reading Programs & California Reading and Literature Project
(310) 825-8979
Laureen Avery
Director, Northeast Region
(401) 497-8108
Avery Ball
Program Coordinator LAUSD CGI, UCLA Mathematics Project
(310) 206-2581
Kyndall Brown
Executive Director, California Mathematics Project
Statewide Office
(310) 794-9885
Joanna Cervantez
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Jason Cervone
Public Admin. Analyst, Northeast Region
(310) 825-4910
Brendan Chang
Program Coordinator, Introduction to Data Science
(310) 825-3121
Daniel Diaz
Director, UCLA History-Geography Project
(310) 825-4910
Maria DiMeglio
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Berkeley Everett
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Julie Flapan
Director, Computer Science Project
Executive Director, ACCESS
(949) 228-9761
Aldo Garcia
Program Manager, UCLA Science Project
(310) 825-7121
Damon Goar
Professional Learning Partner, Mathematics
(310) 794-7968
Jennifer Hagman
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Jane Hancock
Ex Co-Director, UCLA Writing Project
(818) 240-7279
Jessica Heim
Director, Design-Based Learning at Center X
(310) 383-0680
Kristine Ho
Director, UCLA Mathematics Project
Natalie Irons
Associate Director, Instructional Coaching Programs
(310) 794-7968
Carol Jago
Associate Director, California Reading and Literature Project
(310) 206-2948
Carrie Usui Johnson
Director, Professional Development & Partnerships
Adaptive Schools Training Associate, Thinking Collaborative
(310) 825-0767
Nina Kasuya
Program Coordinator, UCLA Exploring Computer Science
(310) 825-6795
James Keipp
Director, AP Readiness
(310) 825-1324
Jon Kovach
Interim Director, UCLA Science Project/Adaptive
Schools Training Associate
(310) 825-7121
Jackie Ku
Program Manager, UCLA Mathematics Project
(310) 206-2542
Juan Lopez
Associate Director, Northeast Region
Suyen Machado
Director, Introduction to Data Science
Nate Madick
Program Manager, STEM+C3
Jane Margolis
Senior Researcher, UCLA Exploring Computer Science
(310) 794-4481
Tonikiaa Orange
Director, Culture & Equity Project at Center X
(310) 794-9852
Faye Peitzman
Director, UCLA Writing Project
(310) 825-6990
Tunette Powell
Interim Director, UCLA Parent Curriculum Project
(818) 806-9424
Erin Powers
Director, UCLA National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
(805) 453-5786  
Karen Recinos
Associate Director, Early Childhood Education, UCLA Mathematics Project
LaJuana Richards
Program Coordinator, Northeast Region/BMI/Culture & Equity Project at Center X
(310) 206-4156
Gabriela Robles
Program Coordinator, California Reading and Literature Project
(310) 206-7574
Theodore Sagun
UCLA Mathematics Project
(626) 590-3963
Jennifer Schexnayder
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Bettye Scott
Program Specialist,
Professional Development & Partnerships/NBPTS
(310) 794-7968
Susan Strauss
Professional Learning Partner, Writing
(310) 794-7968
Janene Ward
UCLA Mathematics Project
(310) 738-6875
Kristin Welch
Coach, UCLA Mathematics Project
Monica Williams
Professional Learning Partner, Literature
(310) 794-7968


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Teacher Education Program Directory

Faculty and staff associated with the UCLA Teacher Education Program.

Name/Title Phone E-mail
Rebecca Alber, Faculty Advisor
Melissa Arias, Faculty Advisor
Jaye Darby, Instructor (310) 825-4063
Annamarie Francois, Executive Director, Center X (310) 825-6812
Megan Franke, Professor (310) 206-3511
Frank Heuser, Faculty Advisor (Music) (310) 206-8297
Emma Hipolito
Teacher Education Program Director
(310) 825-7053
Jackie Honda, Program Manager (310) 794-2133
Tyrone Howard, Professor (310) 206-3511
Jo Ann Isken, IMPACT Program (310) 206-5736
Jarod Kawasaki, Faculty Advisor
Sara Kersey, Faculty Advisor (310) 206-2186
Jane Kim, Faculty Advisor
Darlene Lee, Faculty Advisor (818) 592-6577
Eduardo Lopez, Faculty Advisor (323) 360-7919
Laura McMullin, Faculty Advisor
Imelda Nava-Landeros, Faculty Advisor (310) 825-4910
Marjorie Orellana, Professor (310) 206-5375
Susan Oswald, University Field Supervisor (310) 753-8971
Jaime Park, Faculty Advisor (310) 206-3911
Faye Peitzman, Faculty Advisor (310) 825-6990
Jody Priselac, Faculty (310) 206-0023
Yolanda Reyna, Program Coordinator (310) 206-0796
Bill Sandoval, Associate Professor (310) 794-5431
Jeff Share, Faculty Advisor (310) 825-7494
Concepcion Valadez, Associate Professor (310) 825-8382


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Principal Leadership Institute Directory

Faculty and staff associated with the UCLA Principal Leadership Institute.

Name/Title Phone E-mail
Raul Alarcon, Faculty
Nataly Birch, Program Coordinator (310) 267-4905
Titus Campos, Faculty
Robert  Cooper, Faculty Co-Director (310) 267-2494
Minnie Ferguson, Faculty
Chuck Flores, Faculty (213) 480-3700
Megan Franke, Faculty (310) 206-3511 or
(310) 825-2624
Louis Gomez, Faculty (310) 825-0978
Jo Ann Isken, Faculty
Georgia Lazo, Faculty
DeeDee Lonon, LSP Site Manager/Faculty (310) 267-4905
Tonikiaa Orange, Faculty
Nancy Parachini, Director (310) 825-6212
Merle Price, Faculty (310) 206-9936
Karen Hunter Quartz, Faculty (310) 206-5241
John Rogers, Faculty Co-Director (310) 206-4620


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