School and Family Engagement:
A Mutual Learning Approach

UCLA Parent Project

Founded in 1997, the UCLA Parent Project was envisioned to partner with schools, communities and families to develop, nurture, and sustain parent engagement and parent leadership in schools. This project brings parents and educators together, stressing that dialogue, collaboration, and mutual learning are pivotal for the enhancement of students’ scholastic experiences.

Why Parent Engagement in Schools?

We Believe

  • Parents are their children’s first and very important teacher.
  • Parents are powerful allies in supporting children.
  • Schools lose out on valuable resources when parents are not part of the equation- parents have knowledge, experiences, and insights that can positively impact teachers and classrooms. Families can learn from schools and schools can learn from families.
  • Substantial changes in participation and dynamics between schools, classrooms, and homes when schools become more inclusive and as parents feel more welcome and integral to the school setting.

Our Approach

  • We work in collaboration with schools, families, and community to custom design parent engagement and learning models.
  • All stakeholders are important and knowledgeable members of this team. We seek to include parents as co-constructors and collaborators in our parent engagement efforts.
  • We seek to utilize and build on the cultural assets of the communities with whom we partner.
What’s Going On in the Parent Project with Dr. Annamarie Francois and Tunette Powell, Director of the UCLA Parent Project