About the UCLA Writing Project

The UCLA Writing Project, one of over 200 sites of the National Writing project, has been working with teachers K-University of all disciplines on the teaching of writing since 1977. We collaborate to find the best strategies for helping students become strong, enthusiastic writers. Our focus is on all students, including English learners, students in under-resourced schools, and students who are among the highest achievers in small schools, public, private and charter schools.

Our Core Beliefs

  • All students can become good writers, able to articulate their thoughts so others have full access.
  • Classroom teachers have tremendous expertise.  Because of the knowledge they gain by working with students every day, they are the best teachers of other teachers.
  • Teachers need to engage in writing and write with their students—side by side.
  • Writers experience great satisfaction when they succeed in capturing their thoughts in words.

Upcoming Programs for Teachers

Jun 22

Upcoming Programs for Students

Jul 06

5th & 6th Grade Students: Young Writers Workshop

July 6 9:00 am - July 17 12:00 pm
Jul 06

7th & 8th Grade Students: Writing in the Middle

July 6 9:00 am - July 17 12:00 pm
Jul 06

9th-12th Grade Students: College Ready Writers

July 6 9:00 am - July 17 12:00 pm