Upcoming Events for Educators

Launching Writer’s Workshop (Grades PreK-6)


Four-day workshop for elementary teachers focusing on strategies that will help your students discover their strengths as effective and inspired writers throughout the curriculum.

Sites of Encounter in World History Webinar


Join this free, 3-day webinar that will focus on content and pedagogy training for teachers in California to help with classroom instruction of the Sites of Encounter model for 6th and 7th grades under the CA History-Social Science Framework. Interested teachers who submit a lesson plan after the workshop will receive a $250 stipend.

Summer Institute – National Board Certification Support


Four-day workshop to build the foundation for your National Board Certification journey. Learn about the process, experience applicable strategies for your classroom, connect with like-minded educators, and plan for successful teaching and learning. Highly recommended for first time candidates.

Hidden Statistics in Our Everyday Lives


In this two-day workshop we will engage in problem solving that helps redefine what math education looks and feels like in practice.

Building Fluency through Playful Collaboration Workshop

Online CA

Two-session online workshop focusing on how to engage 4th grade - Algebra 1 students in developing fluency with numbers and operations so that mathematics is meaningful and built on understanding.

The Meaning of Race: Conversations about Evolution, Biology, and Culture

TBD Los Angeles, CA

Join the UCLA Science Project, Faculty and Researchers for a 2-day workshop that investigates the relationships between evolution, human genetic diversity and race. Participants will leave with tools and lesson plans to deepen understanding of these concepts and the complexities of students’ lived experiences situated within a social justice context.

Cognitive CoachingSM Foundations

District Office Board Room 14901 South Inglewood Ave., Lawndale, CA

Eight-day seminar in Cognitive CoachingSM methods. Learn how to build trust by developing physical and verbal rapport, develop teachers' autonomy and sense of community, and apply coaching skills that enhance the intellectual processes of instruction.

Upcoming Events for Students

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