Finding the best strategies
to help students become strong, enthusiastic writers

Welcome to the UCLA Writing Project, a site of the California Writing Project and National Writing Project since 1977. We work with teachers of all disciplines and levels, helping them not only to expand their repertoires as teachers but also as writers. We believe that all — teachers and students –can become good writers and experience the satisfaction of capturing thoughts in just the right words.

As you navigate our site, you’ll see programs that range from a focus on enhancing the abilities of English learners, to assessing student writing, differentiating instruction and leveraging the particular talents Los Angeles area students bring to the classroom.

You’ll also see that our current programs focus explicitly on defining and enacting an anti-racist stance, as well as on creating rich opportunities for distance teaching and learning in the times of Covid-19.   We’d love to collaborate with you to create additional professional development opportunities for your school or district.

Upcoming Events for Teachers