The UCLA Writing Project Wishes You
the Power of Words

Welcome to the UCLA Writing Project, a site of the California Writing Project and National Writing Project since 1977. We collaborate with teachers of all disciplines and levels, increasing our repertoires as teachers and also as writers. Such satisfaction—even joy!–when we and our students capture our thoughts in just the right words.

All of us understand the importance of helping students regain a sense of control and agency during these continually changing times. How fortunate that writing can offer students (and all of us) a vehicle to make sense of our lives right now.

As you navigate our site, you’ll find programs and conferences that range from a focus on enhancing the abilities of English learners and other multilingual students, to “changing up” the literature we offer our students, to assessing student writing and responding to writers. You’ll also see that many of our current programs focus explicitly on defining and enacting an anti-racist stance. We’d love to contract with your school or district and tailor professional learning workshops that meet your specific needs.

Our UCLA Writing Project wishes you the power of words.


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