Equity & Access
in Democratic Education

Housed at UCLA and UC Riverside, the Leveraging Equity and Access in Democratic Education (LEADE) initiative works to ensure students have access to high quality civic learning opportunities. LEADE partners with key stakeholders to identify civic learning priorities, develop tools to collect data on equity and access, contribute to public deliberation and strategic planning, support professional development efforts, and aid in district reform efforts that promote democratic education.
To learn more about how districts can take a systemic approach to integrating civic learning, you can read “Fulfilling the Democratic Aims of Education” in the September 2020 edition of the School Administrator magazine.
Also, watch these videos to learn why civic engagement is important and see two examples of how teachers in Oakland Unified School District are integrating civic learning into their classrooms:

What’s New?

Civic Engagement in the Digital Age

Infographics for Change

Encouraging Students to Take Action

LEADE is a partnership between