UCLA Writing Project 2021 Summer Camps for Students

All Virtually Yours

We at the UCLA Writing Project are excited to announce our 2021 summer programs for students entering grades 5-12. Last summer was our first adventure with virtual teaching and learning—and we were thrilled that each class developed a real sense of community.  Summer 2021, the UCLA campus remains closed.  And so, again, we offer you virtual classes.

Our promise:  We’ll continue to give our students exquisite attention, and they’ll experience pleasure and joy as they find the best words to capture their thoughts.

Just what will happen during the 30 hours of workshop activities for students enrolled in Young Writers 5-6, Writing in the Middle 7-8, and College-Ready Writers 9-12? Simply put, students will grow dramatically as writers. They’ll expand their stylistic repertoires, try out a variety of genres, draft short and long pieces. They’ll gain confidence as they develop their individual style.  By the end of the workshop time, they’ll think of themselves as writers—a big deal!

And what about the entering twelfth graders in the College Personal Essay workshop? They meet for just 12 hours over a four-day period. And that’s the perfect amount of time for zeroing in on the challenging and exciting task at hand: showing in what ways their hard work has translated to insightful understandings and how their experiences have built character.

What else should you know?

Our teachers are all UCLA Writing Project fellows.  This means that they participated in our Invitational Writing Project, a leadership institute that gathers wonderful teachers of writing PK-University—to share their expertise through demonstration workshops, to refine their own writer’s craft, to pay good attention to social justice issues in schools and communities.  They are teachers who love to write and to guide young students to grow as thinkers, readers and writers.

More still:

  • Our virtual practices will offer students appreciation, support, structure—and fun!
  • The day will combine whole group class time, small group sharing with peers, individual writing time. Synchronous and asynchronous experiences.
  • All students will also have time to interact with their teacher one-on-one.
  • Students in the two-week workshops will craft an anthology of selected writing. They will also receive a certificate commending their participation.
  • We will have a limited number of scholarships for low-income families.  Click here for the application.

We hope to see you this summer!

Faye Peitzman, Ph.D.
UCLA Writing Project Director

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