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Center X Researchers Receive AACTE’s 2023 Outstanding Journal of Teacher Education Article Award

Emma Hipolito, director of the UCLA Teacher Education Program (TEP) and Darlene Lee, TEP faculty advisor, have been honored with the 2023 Outstanding Journal of Teacher Education Article Award, for their co-authored examination of “Toward a Healthy Racial Climate: Systemically Centering the Well-being of Teacher Candidates of Color.”

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Goals for the Year

Now that it’s well into 2023…how are your new year’s goals coming along? Maybe you’ve forgotten what was important to you on January 1, or you’re thinking those goals were accomplished and completed on January 31 with “Veganuary.”

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Honor Students’ Names – My Name Matters

Hello, my name is Yessenia. My name is important to me because it is my identity, the name given to me by my parents, and the name I respond to. It is special to me because of its meaning, and it symbolizes my cultural identity. A person’s name represents who they are and where they come from. It is not just common courtesy to be able to correctly pronounce someone’s name, it is much more than that.