UCLA Writing Project Professional Development Workshops

We at the UCLA Writing Project love to teach writing and collaborate with schools on the teaching of writing in all content areas.  Dramatic growth in student writers and writing—that’s our interest and passion.

We’ve seen how many students fear writing and are convinced they’ll never learn.  Just mention the word “essay” and panic strikes.  So we help our students to build courage and more than competence, to develop their own academic voice, sometimes “academic with an attitude.”

The hands-on workshops offered by our Writing Project focus on all students, those who are already “prized writers,” and those still very much “on the way.”  The UCLAWP has given special attention to English Learners and Standard English Learners for a long time now.  We also offer differentiated approaches for students with IEPs.

Some key questions our various professional development series can address:

  • How do we create a classroom environment where students gain confidence, become more willing to take risks, and expect that writing will be part of everyday routines?
  • How can we as teachers collaborate in a way that builds our own abilities in analyzing student writing—in seeing “what’s there” in addition to next steps for teaching and learning?
  • What does good writing look and sound like—up and down the grade levels and across the disciplines?

Lots of answers.  Many promising approaches.  All aligned with our California State Standards and the ELA/ELD Framework.  Continue viewing our website for some of the professional development series we are current offering in local Los Angles schools.  All workshops are $460/hour. We suggest workshop series of at least 20 hours.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

Faye Peitzman, UCLA Writing Project Director

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