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Residency Pathways for Math and Science Credential Candidates

Math and Science credential candidates can choose one of two residencies, the LAUSD-STEM+C3 residency or the Centinela Valley STEM+C3 residency.
Both Pathways:
  • Start coursework and school observations in early August
  • Are open to UCLA TEP Math and Science Credential Candidates
  • Have a pedagogical focus on developing K-12 students’ computational thinking skills
  • Will have their own application process once you are admitted to UCLA TEP

Math & Science Credential Residencies


  • We partner with middle and high schools in the Teacher Education Program’s geographic region within LAUSD.
  • This is a two-year program including summer of 2024. You will finish your Master’s degree in Spring 2026.
  • To add a Computer Science Authorization, you will need to enroll in required additional coursework which is being offered through UCLA Extension.
  • You will need to commit to teaching in LAUSD for four years. (Year one is Resident Year)
  • You are guaranteed employment in LAUSD upon successful completion of student teaching.
  • You will receive a $20,000 stipend from LAUSD and are eligible for Teacher Education Program scholarships.

Centinela Valley STEM+C3

  • Our partner is a high school district—Centinela Valley Union High School District
  • This is a two-year program which includes coursework over two summers—2024 and 2025. You will finish your Master’s degree in Fall 2025.
  • Computer Science required coursework and authorization are embedded into the two-year program.
  • You will need to commit to four years of teaching in Centinela Valley (if available) or to a school within the Teacher Education Program’s geographic area in LAUSD.
  • If there are openings in Centinela Valley Union High School District, you will be given priority.
  • You will receive a $20,000 stipend from UCLA, disbursed in 3 allotments.

Pathway Comparison

The UCLA-LAUSD-STEM+CS Residency builds on our extensive collaboration and success on our residency programs over a 12 year time span. This work is centered on social justice with our partner, LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District).  We work with our most marginalized communities and work toward educational equity and justice in Los Angeles. Most of our alumni start their careers in LAUSD and numerous have been named “Rookies of the Year.”  However, whether recognized or not, the work that happens everyday with the students and families is what matters most as we strive to recognize and know the hidden narratives that can help our secondary math and science pre-service teachers become better social justice STEM Educators.

The Centinela Valley STEM+CS (STEM+ C3) teacher residency program integrates both a secondary single subject credential in math or science and a supplementary authorization in computer science. Our approach to computer science is grounded in social justice and equity as we strive to disrupt dominant notions of neutrality in both STEM and CS fields. Instead, we engage in critical analysis of our world through a humanizing lens within the CS and STEM fields.

Both LAUSD-STEM+CS and Centinela Valley STEM+CS (STEM+ C3) build on the success of its previous residency model, IMPACT (Inspiring Minds for a Professional Alliance of Community Teachers), as well as its nationally renowned pioneering success with equity focused computer and data science.  A residency teacher preparation model has pre-service teachers start teaching from the first day of class, starting in August, with the goal of having a very deep experience with students and working in schools.

These residencies critically analyze computer science and technology in our society with the focus on having our participants, including the K-12 students we work with, be critical consumers, creators, and innovators of technology for the public good.

I always wanted to be part of a supportive and a diverse community and TEP is just that. My peers and I share a passion for transforming urban education and it is very encouraging.”

Ariana Reyes
TEP Novice Year at University High School