Scholarships & Fellowships

There are a number of scholarships and fellowships listed below that are available to award to UCLA Teacher Education Program students. The awards range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars.

Please complete a scholarship essay with your application if you would like to be considered for an award. See the TEP Application Checklist for more details on the essay.

  • Diane Grossman Adams
  • Louise Arbogast
  • California Retired Teachers Association – Mabel Outler
  • California Retired Teachers Association – Laura E. Settle
  • Cassanova Family
  • Wilna Cornwell
  • Alice R. Crilly
  • George Edlen
  • Education Alumni Association
  • Rose Gilbert
  • Bertha Hall
  • Lula Haven Hazelton
  • Lois Haytin
  • Madeline Hunter
  • Julian Jordan
  • Charles F. Kettering II
  • Mikami Kaoru Kay Kumai
  • Sheila and Norman Lane
  • Judith Levin
  • Arwayne & Sonia Miklaucic
  • Linda Richardson Rice
  • Beverly Shulman
  • Sandy Small
  • Gordon & Olga Smith
  • Chilant F. Sprague
  • Cynthia Diane Starns
  • Stone Foundation
  • Vera Strayer
  • Teacher Education Program Class
  • Martin & Jennie McPhail Towle
  • Turnquist
  • Bob and Marion Wilson

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Leib Sutcher

TEP Novice Year at Lawndale High School, 2018-2019