Math & Science Programs for Undergraduates

Joint Mathematics Education Program – JMEP

In response to the shortage of highly-qualified secondary mathematics teachers, Center X also partners with UCLA’s Mathematics Department to engage seniors in the Joint Mathematics Education Program (JMEP). JMEP offers a way for UCLA mathematics majors to begin taking teacher-education courses in their senior year. The following year, they are employed as full time mathematics teachers with full salary in TEP partnership schools and work toward a master’s degree in education.

Questions About the Joint Mathematics Education Program

Jaime Park
TEP Faculty Advisor

(310) 206-3911

Science Teacher Education Program – STEP

In response to the shortage of highly-qualified secondary science teachers, Center X also partners with academic departments to engage UCLA seniors in the Science Teacher Education Program. The goal of Science Teacher Education Program (STEP) is to accelerate the timeline for highly qualified UCLA undergraduate science majors to become secondary level science teachers in public urban schools.

Questions About the Science Teacher Education Program

Imelda Nava
TEP Faculty Advisor

(310) 825-4910


The CalTeach program encourages UCLA students who are studying math, science, and engineering to consider teaching math and science as a possible career. CalTeach offers guided exploration of teaching as a career, and additional support and pathways for those who decide that teaching is for them!

What will you gain?

STEP/JMEP students become part of a community where reflection and inquiry are practiced as they develop their social justice identity.

– Imelda Landeros-Nava, TEP Faculty

Many professors inspired me and pushed my thinking… making me the teacher I am today.

– Elizabeth Wong, TEP Grad

How to Apply

The respective application processes are outline by the Mathematics and Science Departments. Please see the Joint Mathematics Education Program and the Science Teacher Education Program pages for full application materials.

  • Application Deadline: December 1, 2023

I always wanted to be part of a supportive and a diverse community and TEP is just that. My peers and I share a passion for transforming urban education and it is very encouraging.”

Ariana Reyes
TEP Novice Year at University High School