Leadership Support Program Tier II Students

Administrative Services Credential Clear Induction (Tier II)

Leadership Support Program

The Leadership Support Program (LSP) at UCLA is a partnership with the University of California at Berkeley.  The new Cohort will begin on September 21, 2024 with a full-day Retreat.  This program is a vital support to new administrators who are managing the complex ecology of the urban school and district.  These new administrators are reform-minded leaders who, first and foremost, commit to improving the achievement for all students.  Through the LSP components, novice administrators expand and deepen their expertise in the knowledge, skills and dispositions required for successful leadership in urban schools.

The components of LSP at UCLA are:

  • Individual Induction Plans
  • On-site Coaching and Mentoring
  • Group and Individual Problem Solving
  • Monthly online meetings facilitated by experienced school leaders


How do you apply?

If you are assigned to, or expect to be assigned soon to an administrative position, submit a letter of interest to:

Dee Dee Lonon, Coordinator

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the program is $5,000 per year for 2 years. $10,000 total to complete the program.

Can I do a payment plan?

We offer two different payment plans: an annual 3-payment plan as well as a pay-by-semester plan.

Why do I need this program?

In order to receive a Clear Administrative Credential from the State of California, you need to indicate the completion of a Tier II Program.  Our program will build on the work the candidates complete in the Principal Leadership Institute (PLI).

What is the time commitment?

Your induction plan and coaching will center around the work you are engaged in daily at your school or office.  Online seminars are once per month for 2.5 hours.  A coach will be assigned to mentor you and will visit you on site.  Your work with the coach will be for 3 hours per month.  Coaching may also include written and/or telephone communications. You will work with a coach for a minimum of 30 face-to-face hours each year.

How does the coaching work?

You will work with your coach to identify personal goals each year.  The coach will meet with you to consult and/or observe you in your work as a school leader to offer support and feedback.  Each relationship is customized and personal.  All coaches are trained for coaching and are experienced school leaders.

Who will my coach be?

We believe that any of our coaches are qualified to help you, but you will be matched with a coach based on a number of factors (i.e., your position, type of school, geography, and the identity and experience of both the coach and the coachee).

Where will I meet my coach?

You will be introduced to your coach at the first retreat in September.  Generally, you will meet with your coach at your work site.  There may be occasions where you arrange to meet in an alternative location convenient for both of you.

How does the online piece work?

You will be assigned to a small group of LSP administrators in your cohort with whom you will meet online each month.  An experienced school leader from UC Berkeley’s staff will facilitate your small group (4-6 members).  You will work together on problem-solving strategies and other assignments related to the work of the school leader.  These meetings are in the evening (6-8:30 pm).  You can logon from your office or from your home.

Are any face-to-face meetings required?

There are no summer meetings, and the monthly online meetings are also skipped in Dec., March and May.   LSP Participants complete alternative independent assignments during these months (workshops, site visits, or personal learning modules).

Can you participate if you are a part-time administrator?

No. This program can only accept full-time administrators.