About the Principal Leadership Institute

UCLA Principal Leadership Institute Students

UCLA’s Principal Leadership Institute program (PLI) prepares educators to be social justice leaders in Los Angeles schools who:

  • Advocate for quality learning opportunities;
  • Improve teaching and learning;
  • Promote educational achievement for all students;
  • Create democratic and culturally-responsive learning environments;
  • Build partnerships with parents and community groups.

program grants

Completion of the program provides:

  • Master of Education degree
  • California Tier 1 Administrative Credential

application deadline

Cohort 24 Application deadline:
FEBRUARY 1, 2023

scholarships awarded

Based on need

profile of cohort 23

Applicants Accepted: 36
Enrolled: 35
Age Range: 31 – 58

communities served

2022-2023 COHORTS 1-22

High Poverty: 87%
Low Poverty: 13%


Ethnicity of Students – 2022-2023 COHORT 23

Gender of Students
Female: 86%   Male: 14%

Ethnicity of Faculty – 2022-2023 COHORT 23

Gender of Faculty
Female: 58%   Male: 42%

alumni leadership roles '22 - '23

DATA FOR COHORTS 1-22 (848 alumni)

District level roles 18%
Principals 15%
Assistant Principals 14%
Full-time K-12 Classroom teachers 19%
Other school-based educational leaders 13%
Higher Education  4%
Other educational roles outside of K-12 4%
Leave Education/Taking Time Off  6%
Retired 4%
Unknown 3%

Leading for Justice

Applying for the 2024-25 academic year?

The application will be available from mid-September, 2023 through March 1, 2024.

My experience in PLI was transformative. I went into the program thinking I would learn exactly what it meant to be a social justice leader, so I could just be that. Instead, I graduated a more empathetic and aware advocate with tools for change, a vision of educational equity, a small army of allies.”

LaNea Austin
LaNea' Austin