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Leading for Justice

Applying for the 2023-24 academic year?

The application will be available from mid-September, 2022 through February 1, 2023.

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PLI allowed me to engage in critical and collaborative conversations that examined the ways in which school cultures perpetuate practices that continue to marginalize students and reproduce inequitable outcomes. Through PLI, I gained the necessary tools to move forward as a social justice leader and lead with democratic approaches that involve multiple stakeholders and include the voices of those who have often gone ignored in the educational system. And to lead with culturally responsive approaches to create equitable practices and cultures where our students can thrive.”

Yazmin Lugo
Yazmin Hernandez Lugo

My experience with PLI was deeply insightful and an opportunity to examine and understand by own privileges, biases and stereotypes. The first summer course with Dr. Cooper was the perfect choice to set the trajectory of the program. PLI broadened my outlook and allowed me to understand how systemic racism and organizational structures that are created to uplift white people are embedded in our schools, communities, and country, and how these negatively impact the lives of people of color and those form lower socioeconomic communities on a daily basis. PLI gave me the tools to feel empowered to engage in difficult conversations that address these issues and work towards become an agent of change.”

Faiza Seedat
Faiza Seedat