Leading for Justice

Applying for the 2025-26 academic year?

The application will be available from mid-September, 2024 through March 1, 2025.

Our children need empowered advocates. PLI takes educators with a desire to serve the community and supercharges them with knowledge from dynamic professors, authentic social justice leadership examples, and a lifelong support system from both the University and like-minded colleagues. The program has deepened my ability to recognize and act in the face of inequities as both an educator and mother. I am forever grateful to PLI for transforming me into a wiser and more effective champion for all children.”

Karen Robinson
Karen Robinson

My experience in PLI was transformative. I went into the program thinking I would learn exactly what it meant to be a social justice leader, so I could just be that. Instead, I graduated a more empathetic and aware advocate with tools for change, a vision of educational equity, a small army of allies.”

LaNea Austin
LaNea' Austin