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The materials here can be downloaded and used in K-12 classrooms. Many of these lessons focus on local history and the diverse communities of Los Angeles. Materials on this page are copyrighted by the University of California. #locallyoriented

Belmar History + Art

We collaborated with the City of Santa Monica to develop curriculum commemorating the history of African American visitors, residents and business owners in the south beach neighborhoods, including Belmar. The curriculum includes lessons for 3rd and 4th grade teachers, 8th grade US History teachers, 11th Grade US History teachers, and Ethnic Studies teachers. The curriculum is aligned to the California History-Social Science Framework and the California Common Core Standards for Literacy in History. They are available for both face-to-face instruction and remote teaching.

3rd & 4th Grade: What actions did people take in order to live freely in my community? What informed actions can we take today?

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8th Grade: How did the African Americans of Santa Monica and Los Angeles challenge racial discrimination and segregation at beaches to form community spaces during the 1900s?

11th Grade: How can memorials help us understand continuity and change in our community?

Ethnic Studies: What can we learn from the hidden history of African American resistance to institutionalized racism in Santa Monica?

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