The UCLA Mathematics Project partners with students in various projects creating opportunities to engage students in rich, transformative and culturally relevant Mathematics.


Kayne Scholars logo

Kayne Scholars is a holistic program dedicated to advancing the potential of low-income, first-generation college students to graduate from either the California State University or University of California system and pivot into sustainable, meaningful careers in STEM or business related fields.  As rising college freshmen, students attend the Kayne Scholars-UCLA Summer Bridge Program. UCLA Mathematics Project will offer a “Bridge to Calculus” course designed to reinforce and extend students’ foundational mathematical skills, strengthen their recent core mathematical knowledge base, and help them learn new ideas using calculus through an algebraic lens.


UCLA Partnership with Bethany Baptist Church Supports Summer Learning

Overseen by UCLA’s Center X and Bethany Baptist Church of Los Angeles, the LAUNCH Academy provides innovative math and science learning opportunities based on university research. The teachers selected to teach in this program are from schools throughout Los Angeles and are all connected to the UCLA Mathematics Project and the UCLA Science Project, two of Center X’s subject matter initiatives.