Revolutionary Healing, Revolutionary Learning

Center X

UCLA Center X joined with the Politics and Pedagogy Collaborative to host the Eastside Collective Stories conference at Roosevelt High School, featuring keynote speaker Shawn Ginwright, high school student-led workshops, and a ceremony honoring the 1968 LA Student Activists.

UCLA Partnership with Bethany Baptist Church Supports Summer Learning

Overseen by UCLA’s Center X and Bethany Baptist Church of Los Angeles, the LAUNCH Academy provides innovative math and science learning opportunities based on university research. The teachers selected to teach in this program are from schools throughout Los Angeles and are all connected to the UCLA Mathematics Project and the UCLA Science Project, two of Center X’s subject matter initiatives.

UCLA Ed to Pilot STEM Teacher Prep Program with Santa Monica College

Center X

The UCLA Integrated Program (UCLAIP)—which is expected to launch in Fall 2018—will be a partnership between Santa Monica College and UCLA to create an Integrated Teacher Preparation Program. There will be a pathway to a bachelor’s degree from UCLA, preliminary teaching credential, and BCLAD for STEM teachers.