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Classroom Embedded Professional Development

Learning Lab Day

UCLAMP consultant to work with teachers around identified topics, standards, or pedagogical practices. In all day sessions, teachers collaboratively plan a lesson to be taught and identify 2-3 teachers who will teach the lesson. Plans are made for observation and data collection done by other teachers throughout the observation. Teacher #1 teaches the lesson and other teachers collect data. Time is allocated for debrief of the lesson and modifications to enhance the lesson based on those observations. The process follows with teachers #2 (#3 if appropriate) implementing the lesson. The day concludes with debrief, strategic planning for next steps, and targeted professional development based on observations and learning. Based on 6 hour day.


Supporting Administrators and Leaders

Administrator/Leadership Development

UCLAMP consultant to work with administrators around supporting their role as a leader in their school site.  This support will focus on developing their understanding of mathematics, Common Core Standards, high leverage teaching practice, developing more robust definitions of what doing mathematics looks like, as well as supporting leaders around decisions to support the development of their teachers.  Student thinking will be central to the work and utilized as the vehicle to develop more robust understanding of the teaching and learning of mathematics.


Analyzing Efficacy and Growth

Presentations of Learning

UCLAMP will partner to organize and facilitate opportunities for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrative leadership to present their learnings arounds student thinking, teacher practice and mathematics in a variety of settings.  POLs are often culminating events at the end of a school year to create opportunities to analyze efficacy, growth, areas to grow.



Implementation Support

UCLAMP consultant to provide full days of teacher support to implement and reflect on PD practices in the classroom. Support can include, but not be limited to, coaching, co-teaching, planning, observation, and debriefing. Implementation support is charged in full day (6 hour) increments.


Teacher Leadership Development

UCLAMP will support a group of instructional leaders in developing leadership in relating Mathematics teaching and learning with a focus on student thinking.  Interactions may include, but not be limited to, PD and coaching.


Professional Development

UCLAMP consultant to provide PD on identified topics, Common Core State Standards, and/or pedagogical practices. Foci range from CGI, Early Education, Dual Language, Middle School and High School Mathematics. This could be for a group of 8-30 teachers.


Parent/Community Math Night

UCLAMP will support teachers and school site leadership to develop and execute opportunities to partner with communities and families around engaging in mathematics.


Book Study

UCLAMP will facilitate a group of teachers (5-25) as they engage around a text identified and agreed upon by school site administrators and UCLAMP.


Math Walks

UCLAMP will partner with district and school site leadership in classroom walks focusing on noticing student thinking. These noticings can serve as opportunities to make sense of and deepen student-centered approaches. These observations will allow for discussion on ways of coaching teachers to build on teachers’ strengths and understanding, engaging in ways to support teachers to build on student thinking and to analyze student work.