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The Power of Urban Teacher Residencies:
The Impact of IMPACT

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Karen Hunter Quartz and Jarod Kawasaki



Learning in residence is a powerful approach to teacher education that pairs apprentices with mentor teachers, supported by university coursework and urban communities. In this issue of the Center XChange, UCLA faculty, staff, students, and partners share their work over the past five years to create and study an urban teacher residency program called IMPACT: Inspiring Minds through a Professional Alliance of Community Teachers.

This section gives a general overview of the IMPACT program.

  1. IMPACT Preparing Effective Teachers for Urban Schools
    KLCS Documentary Series— six 30 minute episodes
  2. Using Data to Learn: From Multiple Measures to Systems of Support
    Research, policy, and practice brief
    Jarod Kawasaki & Soo Jin Choi
  3. UCLA IMPACT and STEM Academy: Preparing Next Generation STEM Teachers
    Jeanne Fauci
  4. Infographic: Impact of IMPACT
    Karen Hunter Quartz & Jarod Kawasaki

This section contains pre-publication versions of academic articles and reports that document how and what teachers learn in residence.

  1. Learning in Residence: Mixed-methods Research on an Urban Teacher Residency Program
    Karen Hunter Quartz & the IMPACT Research Group
  2. Measuring Teaching Quality of Secondary Mathematics and Science Residents: A Classroom Observation Framework and Pilot Generalizability Study
    Imelda Nava, Jaime Park, Daniel Dockterman, Jarod Kawasaki, Jonathan Schweig, Karen Hunter Quartz, & Jose Felipe Martinez
  3. Learning to Teach Language Arts in a Field in Flux
    Kate Riedell & Kathryn Anderson-Levitt
  4. Knowledge on Campus and in the Field: Apprentice Teachers Developing Their “Style.”
    Kathryn Anderson-Levitt, Jenna van Draanen, & Helen Davis
  5. When Teacher Education Programs Promote and Pre-service Teachers Embrace: Collaborative Learning and the Case of the Matching Messages
    Sarah Lillo
  6. Multiple measures of mentoring quality: Early lessons from an urban teacher residency program
    Jarod Kawasaki, Karen Hunter Quartz, & Annamarie Francois
  7. Practical research: Using the IQA, a case study
    Nichole Rivera, Sunanda Kushon, & Jia Wang
  8. Novice and Mentor Teacher Experiences in an Urban Teacher Residency Program: A Final Report of IMPACT Survey Findings from 2010-2014
    Daniel Dockterman



  1. Math and Science Observation Frameworks
    Jaime Park, Imelda Nava, & Mollie Appelgate
  2. Using Feedback to Support Mentor Quality
    Kelly Gallagher Nick & Carrie Usui-Johnson
  3. Framing Teacher Learning Dispositions: A summer institute on special education
    Helen Davis, LeeAnn Roca, & Jon Roos


  1. Master’s Inquiry Projects
    a. Embarking on a Study of Perspectives Using Critical Thinking
    Tina Wan
    b. Deconstructing Race and Empowering Student Activism through Critical Media Literacy
    Alexander Dinh
  2. Connecting Math Methods and Student Teaching through Practice-Based Strategies: A Study of Pre-Service Teachers’ Math Instruction
    Mollie Appelgate



Being VII, Acrylic on Canvas, 2011
Elise Lee