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The Power of Urban Teacher Residencies:
The Impact of IMPACT

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Description of the Artwork/Artist statement
The vocabulary of forms I created evolved from a simple image to one that dialogues complexity. These collage of forms as a medium of emotion, bright colors and patterns as a language of felicity, each piece explores all new possibilities with diverse composition. My work delineates happiness and euphoria. Each piece creates a visual space and movement by forms and colors. This happiness consists of multiple concepts emerging from common experiences such as love for music, cheerful memories and imagination. I present my work in exaggerated and repetitive manner in order to produce rhythmic harmony. Motivated by joy and happiness, my work evokes both a nursery for comfort and an invitation to party. While my work is a reconstruction of outer things to inner beings, my intention is to converse between the real to the unreal, and the unreal to the real.

Artist Bio
Elise Lee is a New-­York based artist who was born in South Korea. In 2005 she received BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York, followed by MFA from Pratt Institute in New York in 2009. She strives to mediate between her personal experiences of joy and happiness to her canvas. Her bright colors and playful composition invite viewers to experience joyfulness. Her work has been exhibited internationally in South Korea, Italy, and Australia. Elise currently lives and works in California.



Title of the Artwork
Being VII, 24 x 30 inches, Acrylic on canvas, 2011

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