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The Power of Urban Teacher Residencies:
The Impact of IMPACT

The Briefing Room

This section gives a general overview of the IMPACT program.

1. IMPACT Preparing Effective Teachers for Urban Schools

This six-part documentary on Center X’s IMPACT Urban Teacher Residency Program aired on KLCS in September and October, 2014 in 30 minute episodes.

Trailer – (3 min.)
Episode 1 – IMPACT Overview (30 min.)
Episode 2 – Social Justice (30 min.)
Episode 3 – Apprentice Teachers (30 min.)
Episode 4 – Mentor Teachers (30 min.)
Episode 5 – The Impact of IMPACT (30 min.)
Episode 6 – A Look Back at IMPACT (30 min.)

This playlist starts with the trailer and loads the episodes in order.
Individual episodes can be played using the ‘PLAYLIST’ button in the top left corner of the video.


2. Using Data to Learn:  From Multiple Measures to Systems of Support

Research, policy, and practice brief

Jarod Kawasaki & Soo Jin Choi

Teacher evaluation continues to be an important yet controversial topic in schools and districts throughout the country. In 2011, the XChange focused on the effort to articulate multiple measures of teaching quality to inform professional growth and evaluation. Three years later, there is widespread acceptance of this multiple measures approach and the focus of inquiry has shifted to how schools and districts can effectively support the collection and use of these measures for learning and evaluation purposes.

In this brief, we take up this inquiry, first sharing a school’s story about using a multiple measures approach for teacher evaluation and then situating this story within a broader research context. In the end, we provide resources on data use in schools for teacher leaders, district administrators, and policymakers.


Using Data to Learn:  From Multiple Measures to Systems of Support (pdf)


3. UCLA IMPACT and STEM Academy: Preparing Next Generation STEM Teachers

Jeanne Fauci

UCLA Center X is part of a national effort, 100Kin10, to “dramatically increase the quantity and quality of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers both to ensure all students have access to first-rate STEM learning and to reverse our nation’s decades-long decline in math and science.”1 100Kin10aims to train 100,000 high-quality STEM teachers by 2021.

students-labcoatsTo see how UCLA’s IMPACT program is fulfilling this national imperative, walk into a science classroom at STEM Academy of Hollywood where you’ll students in lab coats using cutting edge technology to examine DNA samples. In the room you’ll see Esther Dabagyan, an IMPACT mentor teacher immersed in a conversation with a group of seniors who are completing their final year in STEM’s Biotech pathway. For the last three years, you’d also see another teacher in the classroom working alongside Dabagyan – an apprentice teacher from the UCLA IMPACT program.

[1] “About the Movement.” 100Kin1. 2012. October 2014. http://100kin10.org/page/subsection_aboutus_1_goal.



UCLA IMPACT and STEM Academy: Preparing Next Generation STEM Teachers


4. Infographic: The Impact of IMPACT

Karen Hunter Quartz & Jarod Kawasaki



 The Impact of IMPACT Infographic – Page 1 (pdf)

The Impact of IMPACT Infographic – Page 2 (pdf)




Impact of IMPACT Infographic Page 1


Impact of IMPACT Infographic Page 2

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