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Shannon Garrison: TEP Alumna Appointed to Second Term on National Assessment Governing Board

“I take special care to represent the fact that I work with English language learners, the fact that I work with students who maybe don’t have the resources that other students may have,” says Garrison. “We look a lot at bias and cultural relevance. I feel that it’s a big responsibility on my shoulders to make sure I represent teachers but more importantly, that I represent my students and parents in what I say and bring to the table.”

College-going rate has tripled in neighborhood now served by UCLA Community School

95 percent of last year’s seniors at the UCLA Community School in Koreatown plan to attend college. Before the school opened in September 2009 and the high school opened in 2010, only one-third of the high school graduates in the area now served by the school went on to attend college. Now, as the school celebrates its fifth anniversary, that percentage has increased almost threefold.
In June, the first group of seniors who spent all four years at the high school graduated. Of them, 95 percent plan to attend college this fall, more than half were admitted to four-year schools (up from 13 percent in 2009) and one-quarter were admitted to UC campuses (up from 4 percent).

Teacher Collaborative Inquiry – XChange Issue

This issue of the XChange focuses on the research, practice, and policy associated with teacher collaborative inquiry, based on the 75 Teacher Initiated Inquiry Projects (TIIP) that UCLA Center X facilitated in an ambitious grant program to support collaborative teacher inquiry.

Effective teacher training critical to success of Common Core math

The quality of teacher training will be crucial to the success of the new Common Core State Standards in math, educators say, and the pressure is on districts to give elementary school teachers the skills they’ll need to provide students with a firm foundation in early arithmetic.

Laurence Tan: TEP Alum Honored for Culturally Responsive Teaching

It is Tan’s belief in the innate ability of his students and his combination of tough love and raising the bar that earned him the 2013 Award for Excellence in Culturally Responsive Teaching from Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Culturally Relevant Teaching – XChange Issue

In this issue of XChange, UCLA faculty, alumni, and students share their work to document and advance teaching that builds on the cultural assets and respects the strengths of all learners.

Growing and Supporting Teacher Leadership – XChange Issue

In this issue of Center XChange, members of Center X share their research, anecdotes, and professional development around teacher leadership, focusing on these areas: 1) Research on how and why teachers choose teacher leadership pathways 2) Examples of teacher leadership
3) Protocols and tools teacher leaders can use.

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