Principal Leadership Institute: Not So Lonely at the Top

Principals and administrators who are graduates of PLI carry the concept of equity and access toward leading their teachers as well as ensuring it for their students. Nancy Parachini says that the program’s goal is “to encourage educational leaders who can lead teacher leaders, so that teachers and administrators are looked at as a unit, and collaborate in a democratic forum to promote equity and access together.”

“My definition of an educational leader is someone who brings out the best in each teacher and allows them to lead from his or her interests,” she says. “It’s looking at the expertise of each person and capitalizing on it; expanding it. I feel that every teacher has the capacity to lead in some way, and that a school or a community requires a multiple perspective.

“Principals and administrators have to support their leadership and nurture them to be school leaders – all of them, not just some of them. One person might be an expert in one area, and another person in a different area, and they can all work together to create a high-quality school.”

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