Design-Based Learning: The Starter City of the Future Guidebook

The Design-Based Learning Project created a Starter City Guidebook to show teachers how to build a city in their classroom.  This is one of the cornerstones of the Design-Based Learning Project.

This K-12 Guidebook provides:

  • A step-by-step plan for getting students ready to build a Starter City of the Future with criteria to set limits for assessment
  • A description of how building a Starter City of the Future connects to required lessons organized around Themes/Big Topics and Essential Questions named in the K-12 State Standards (Community, Sustainability, Protection, Energy, and Climate Change, etc.)
  • Ways to use a Starter City of the Future to engage students in practicing back-and-forth questioning and higher-level thinking skills
  • Examples of practical basic and advanced K-12 Guided Lessons across subject content areas, connecting a student-built City to required curriculum
  • A brief history of Doreen Gehry Nelson and a description of her Backwards Thinking Design-Based Learning time tested methodology.
Design-Based-Learning City Guidebook cover page