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10 Years of IMPACT Teacher Residency Program – XChange Issue

We are thrilled to launch the Spring 2022 issue of XCHANGE, 10 Years of IMPACT: Inspiring Minds through a Professional Alliance of Community Teachers. In this issue you will find engaging stories, artifacts and research that bring to life the work and promise of teacher residencies. 

A Reflection of Our Minds

Reflecting on another school year ending, and another year of living through and with Covid, and the continued racist violence and injustice, it seems there might be a lot in the world to keep us focused on what is not working…

Power On! Book Cover

Computer Science Researchers Publish Graphic Novel, “Power On!”

UCLA Center X researchers Jean Ryoo and Jane Margolis along with artist Charis JB, have teamed up to produce “Power On!” a groundbreaking graphic novel that shines a bright and innovative light on the issues of representation and participation in computer science and technology.

Spring Inspirations

It is spring and time for our gardens to show buds of growth. Maybe your “garden” is a classroom, a team you are developing, or in your own mind. Wherever your seedlings may have been planted, take some time to notice what is surfacing.

Reflection in the Time of Covid

The two-year mark coming up of the first lockdown due to Covid might provide an opportunity to reflect. While some of us may want to wish away the last two years, I’m wondering if taking some time to think about what has changed since March 2020 could shed some much-needed light on us.

When we are no longer able to change a situation…

As we enter March, Women’s “Herstory” Month, March Madness for basketball fans and the coming of spring, you might be feeling like you wish time would stop, so you can catch up with the pace of things. Some coaches are facing questions about how to support teachers and their students to make gains as testing looms around the corner. Some schools are shifting classes to meet students’ social emotional needs. There is a lot to attend to; yes, still.

If We Listen

On our drive home is a billboard that reads, “If we listen we can end bias in healthcare.” I am struck by this advertisement more so today. This pandemic has more than highlighted the disparities in healthcare for Black communities.

Listening to the System

By Natalie Irons, Associate Director, Instructional Coaching, UCLA Center X Last week provided a lot of opportunity to reflect on thinking in systems as I met with various groups of…

Coaching for Burnout?

By Natalie Irons, Associate Director, Instructional Coaching, UCLA Center X In a recent Cognitive Coaching training I heard from several “coaches” who hold various roles, principal, teacher on special assignment……

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We are excited about the publication of  Preparing and Sustaining Social Justice Educators edited by our former executive director, Annamarie Francois, along with UCLA Center for Community Schooling director Karen Hunter Quartz.