Goals for the Year

By Natalie Irons
Associate Director of Instructional Coaching, UCLA Center X

Now that it’s well into 2023…how are your new year’s goals coming along? Maybe you’ve forgotten what was important to you on January 1, or you’re thinking those goals were accomplished and completed on January 31 with “Veganuary.”

This Forbes article inspired a goal for me to think and act more upon my use of words that may limit inclusivity. The author lists “blind spot,” “Brown,” and “preferred pronouns” as three of six terms to leave in 2022. Truth be told, I have had many experiences where I have used language that was offensive, showed my biases and exposed my uninformed thinking which showed up in my words. I’m still exploring these experiences and this article is giving me even more to pause and consider.

As a coach, I know that language is the way in which people communicate their experiences and find shared meaning. I also know this is a winding path. When I paraphrase to reflect back someone’s thinking, I want to acknowledge their experiences, and yet, there are times when I have missed hearing a person’s truth. If I do offend someone, I can admit my transgression, apologize, ask forgiveness and/or amend my ways to repair and heal the broken trust. This is my continued goal for 2023.

As you consider your own goals for this year, what might be your timeline toward achievement? How might you know you are on track? What are some tools to practice and keep you moving forward?

Wherever you might be with what you want to accomplish or achieve this year, remembering the journey metaphor might serve well. And, if you are curious about how goals might be different from resolutions, check out Jenna Kamp’s Blog Goals Over Resolutions. Thanks Jenna!