Math Identity Partnership Summer Workshops (LAUSD Only) – FULL

Five one-day workshops for 4th grade - Algebra 1 LAUSD educators. This project focuses on bringing CGI into the upper grades. We have a variety of one day workshops, as well as an opportunity on Friday, June 21st, for all teachers to attend (and possibly present during) a Presentation of the Learning session.

Info Session – National Board Certification Support

Online CA, United States

A free information session for educators interested in pursuing National Board Certification in 2024-25. Find out if National Board Certification is right for you and if UCLA can help to support you on your journey.

Young Mathematicians: Data in Real Life [For HS Juniors & Seniors]

Da Vinci Science High School 201 N Douglas Street, El Segundo, CA, United States

Three-day workshop for high school juniors and seniors. Let's expand our view of mathematics as connected to real life, and see how statistics (and math) are useful as tools for change.

Math Teacher Learning Labs (Middle School & High School)

Da Vinci Schools El Segundo, CA, United States

Workshop for middle school and high school math teachers. Participants will engage with problem solving, discussion and collaboration with colleagues. We will join student learning spaces to hear students' current understandings and reflect on in-the-moment instructional decisions as part of a Learning Lab experience.

K-12 LGBTQ+ History Teacher Symposium – Full

ONE Archives 909 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Workshop for K-12 Teachers. Pride, Resistance, Joy: Teaching Intersectional LGBTQ+ Stories of California and Beyond is a week-long symposium focused on local examples of LGBTQ+ history highlighting resistance, and the stories of traditionally marginalized groups.

Cognitively Guided Instruction Workshop 1 (K-5)

Da Vinci Schools El Segundo, CA, United States

During this 3-day workshop we will focus on the development of children’s mathematical thinking in grades K-5. We will explore how children’s understandings of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division develop and how students construct concepts of place value.

CGI Lab Add-On (Grades 3-5) – FULL

Da Vinci Schools El Segundo, CA, United States

During this 2-Day session for grade 3-5 teachers, the focus will be on the development of children's math thinking and exploring children's understandings of fractions.