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In this xChange issue, we share a myriad of resources that were developed by IMPACT faculty, staff, and partners. The two logic models below illustrate the inputs, activities, and outcomes for the two iterations of the IMPACT teacher residency. This issue is organized by three major sections: 1) Xpress Papers, 2) Educator Workroom, and 3) a case study of STEM Academy, an IMPACT partner school.

In the xPress papers, we have gathered all the publications and conference presentations of research that has been conducted during the 10 years of IMPACT.  These findings have been published in major academic journals and shared at various academic and practitioner conferences throughout the country. IMPACT has been recognized as a key contributor of research around mentoring within teacher residency programs and essential tools and resources for supporting novice teacher development around becoming a social justice educator.

The educator workroom serves as a repository for all things IMPACT.  We have collected key artifacts from all aspects of IMPACT from teacher preparation, mentoring, recruitment, application, etc. and made them available for other teacher educators and teacher education programs to use and/or adapt for their local context. We have carefully thought through the tools and resources that are most appropriate for supporting other teacher residency programs and placed them in this section of the xChange.

Finally, we share a case study about one of our partner schools, STEM Academy of Hollywood.  STEM Academy has been a partner for the entire duration of IMPACT.  Over those 10 years, we have placed 13 science and math student teachers at STEM Academy and supported five STEM Academy mentor teachers.  STEM Academy has also hired seven IMPACT graduates and the principal was also a student in our administrative clear credential program in the Principal Leadership Institute.  We view STEM Academy as an ideal partner in the work of teacher development.

IMPACT Logic Model
IMPACT Phase 2 Logic Model