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Educator Workroom


  1. Teacher Candidate Outreach, Recruitment and Selection
    Artifacts: Recruitment flyer, Admissions Presentation, Applicant Interview Evaluation, Applicant Review Form
  2. Teacher Preparation: University Learning, Clinical Experience, Assessment
    • Humanizing STEAM
      Artifact: Humanizing STEAM Infographic
    • Classroom Observation Rubrics
      Artifacts: Science Observation Rubric, Math Observation Rubric, Elementary Observation Rubric, Classroom Observation Rubric Infographic
    • Signature Assignments
      Artifacts: Signature Assignments and Course Syllabi
  3. New Teacher Support and Career Development
    Artifacts: Induction Orientation Presentation, Guiding Teacher Preparation Institute Agenda, District and Community Partnership Meeting Agenda, District and University Agreement for Induction
  4. Mentor Selection, Development and Support
    Artifacts: Partner Teacher Application Process, Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity, Mentor Development – Partners in Practice Session Agenda, Mentor Teacher Recruitment Posting, Mentor Development Summer Institute Agenda, Mentor Interview Protocol
  5. Using Evaluation Data to Support Program and Individual Learning
    Artifacts: Evaluation Tools