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Mathematics Project

The UCLA Mathematics Project (UCLAMP) is part of a statewide program that strives to make a positive impact on math teachers and their students. The project’s goal is to enhance the skill sets of K-12 math teachers who can in turn increase their students’ ability to succeed. Based on twenty-five years of experience UCLAMP has developed a program that is helping to make significant differences in the quality of teaching in urban schools.

UCLA Math Project PDThe UCLA Mathematics Project (UCLAMP) is an organized, caring team of professionals dedicated to providing accessibility and making a positive impact for all teachers and students in mathematics.

UCLAMP believes that teachers develop mathematically powerful students by:

  • Balancing basic skills, conceptual understanding, and problem-solving
  • Engaging students in tasks with a high level of cognitive demand
  • Incorporating literacy into instruction
  • Utilizing technology
  • Exploration, Discovery, and Inquiry

UCLAMP supports the learning of educators through our Professional Development Programs.


Join us for a CGI Leadership Network Meeting!

Friday, October 28th, 2016
Breakfast from 9:15-9:30. Meeting 9:30-11am

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UCLA Mathematics Project in the News


Giving LA youngsters a math and science boost

Launch Academy

Credit: Reed Hutchinson/UCLA
Two of the smiling faces that make up Launch Academy, a unique partnership between
the University of California and Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles.

Los Angeles sixth-grader Alana Matthews thinks that someday she might like to be an astronaut. But on a recent morning, she was focused on a more immediate goal: tweaking the designs on a paper rocket to increase how long it could stay in the air.

“You don’t want to make it too heavy or that weighs it down. You want to make sure the tube is loose enough and the fins are properly in place.”

Matthews is one of 100 elementary and middle school students taking part in a new summer program that aims to launch not just cardboard spaceships but academic futures.

Aptly named Launch Academy, the program involves a unique partnership between the University of California and Bethany Baptist Church of West Los Angeles, a 58-year-old institution with deep roots in the local African American community.

Participants in the program – ranging in age from 4 to 14 – engage in three weeks of math and three weeks of science instruction. After starting the day with a UCLA cheer, students break into age-based groups of 15-20 students. Teachers in the program are graduates of training programs offered through the UC-led California Subject Matter Project, which brings together classroom teachers with educators who are conducting research into how kids learn.

Curriculum guidance and instructional materials are provided by Center X, an educational research and resource center at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education.  Read more...

Effective teacher training critical to success of Common Core math

The quality of teacher training will be crucial to the success of the new Common Core State Standards in math, educators say, and the pressure is on districts to give elementary school teachers the skills they’ll need to provide students with a firm foundation in early arithmetic. Read more...


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