Neuroeducation: Science of Belonging and Engagement


Unravel the profound impact of belonging on learning and engagement, elevate academic performance through brain synchrony techniques, and empower yourself to create inclusive spaces for students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Summer Institute – National Board Certification Support


Four-day workshop to build the foundation for your National Board Certification journey. Learn about the process, experience applicable strategies for your classroom, connect with like-minded educators, and plan for successful teaching and learning. Highly recommended for first time candidates.

The Meaning of Race: Conversations about Evolution, Biology, and Culture

TBD Los Angeles, CA, United States

Join the UCLA Science Project, Faculty and Researchers for a workshop that investigates the relationships between evolution, human genetic diversity and race. Participants will leave with tools and lesson plans to deepen understanding of these concepts and the complexities of students’ lived experiences situated within a social justice context.