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During this time of social distancing in our state, CRLP and Project SOL at UCLA are here to provide support to all our teacher leaders, parents, and students. We have created this page to provide hyperdocs for our community that will instantly connect you to helpful resources. There will be a variety of options that will be included in the weekly document, including our social media book challenge and ongoing activity suggestions connected to social justice. Check our site every Tuesday to see what we have waiting for you.

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Literacy Lifestyles

For Parents

Reading is an important activity that is essential to the academic success of our students. In the 21st century, reading is vital to accessing all content areas; we read in mathematics, science, social studies, art, physical education and more. However, so much time in school is spent teaching our students how to read, we forget that it is also a leisure activity. We read for the joy, entertainment, and critical thinking that we can experience with a book.

One way that we can encourage our children to enjoy reading is to do our best as caregivers to make reading part of their daily activities. Reading with your child sends a very important message that reading is IMPORTANT!

Through hearing stories and reading with others, children are exposed to and learn a wide range of words and new concepts. Literacy Lifestyle is a resource for parents and caregivers to engage in reading, writing, and language activities with their children. The lessons offer quick and practical ways to work with your child on different components of literacy.

Connect a Story with Important Topics

Read a book with your child and discuss issues like race, gender and economic status.

What Are You Thinking Activity

Read a book with your child and practice inferring what the characters are thinking.

Teacher Appreciation

Have your child use their imagination and writing skills to say thank you.

Intonation Matters Activity

Read a book with your child and practice how intonation and phrasing help us understand the meaning.

Emotional Recall Activity

Read a book with your child and practice the skill of understanding the characters.

Story Recall Activity

Read a book with your child and make a game out of remembering the story.

Make a Restaurant Activity

We may not be able to go to our favorite eateries, but with a little help from your child, you can have a restaurant at home.

Engage in reading, writing, and language skills with your children! Each Literacy Lifestyle gives a book recommendation for that activity.