Preparing schools to take action toward equity.

Examining and developing practices, policies and discourse through a cultural lens.

Institute for Cultural Sustainability and Educational Equity

Our Purpose

Support educators in transforming their schools into more effective spaces for educating culturally diverse students by developing their knowledge base around teaching and learning that is equity focused and culturally relevant, responsive and sustaining.

Our Focus

To work collaboratively with educators in examining the important connections between culture and teaching and learning.  We work with schools and districts to engage them in identifying processes and strategies that push educators to reimagine relationships, policies, teaching and learning through a cultural and equity lens. This co-constructed professional learning engages educators in challenging assumptions and to design actions that better serve their students and school community.

Professional Learning Opportunities Offered

Culturally Sustaining Teaching and Learning

  • unpack identity and bias
  • center the cultural agency of students in schools
  • examine the historical context of schools and communities
  • question, analyze and shift current dominant norms, policies and beliefs
  • implement Culturally Relevant Content
  • enact Culturally Sustaining teaching practices

Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity

  • build relational trust and supportive learning partnerships for open and authentic communication
  • explore identity and positionality and their impact on instructional practice
  • engage in participatory inquiry to identify inequity
  • utilize techniques of critical reflection to explore assumptions and biases that unconsciously shape our instructional decisions
  • exchange ideas and knowledge through reciprocal dialogue
  • co-construct, in partnership, equity actions that contribute to improved outcomes for students

Upcoming Events

Sep 16

Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity Foundational Training

September 16 8:00 am - September 17 3:00 pm

Working in the ground breaking tradition of UCLA’s Center X, ICSEE is a powerful resource for educators. As our society becomes more diverse, educators must have the ability to work effectively across differences related to race, class, language and culture, to meet the needs of all students. Staffed by highly experienced educators, ICSEE provides the guidance and support schools and educators need to be successful and effective.”

Pedro Noguera

Distinguished Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies


Tonikiaa Orange, Director
(310) 206-4156