We offer professional development to expand educators’ knowledge of how to empower their students and use students’ cultural and linguistic capital as an asset in the classroom. We provide educators with theoretical and practical solutions so all students, regardless of their background, can reach their full academic potential. We believe that professional development works best when it is ongoing and collaborative. Our reciprocal learning partnership framework allows educators to collaboratively co-construct equity actions to support improved academic outcomes for all students.


Collaborate with educators, districts, community members and organizations to intentionally center equity and take action for change.
Co-constructed Professional Learning:
  • Race, Culture & Identity
  • Implicit Bias
  • Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy
  • Community of Care for Parents
  • Essential Leadership for Equity
  • Reciprocal Learning Partnerships for Equity Coaching Training


  • Culver City
  • DaVinci Schools
  • Five Keys Charter
  • Hawthorne School District
  • Lemon Grove School District
  • Mission Preparator School
  • Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District
  • U.S. State Department’s Community Engagement Exchange Program
Dr. Orange serves on the Gasol Foundation Advisory Board as one of the health and education experts who assist the  foundation to empower children in their health and wellness—especially in preventing and overcoming childhood obesity.

Dr. Orange’s keynote address at the 2019 Noyce Summit
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Washington, DC

The presentation begins at 22:06.