Glossary: Parks

Census- a count or survey of a population, or, counting to find out how many people live in an area

Validity- the degree to which your research conclusions are accurate, describes how accurate or “correct” your research conclusions are

Limitations- things that could impact the results of your research, or affect what you are trying to find out when you are doing your research

Industrialization- the changing of the ways products and services are made, often using machines and newer technology

Architecture Critic- someone who gives opinions about the design or layout of buildings, structures, and other man-made places

Urban- related to cities, towns, or suburbs, different from rural areas, places with a density of houses, buildings, roads, bridges, railways

Focus groups- a small group of people who are asked to give their ideas and opinions about a topic so that researchers can make a good guess as to what most people would think about that topic

“Astonishing sophistication and farsightedness”-very wise and showed they were thinking ahead about the future

“untouchable reservations”- areas that were off-limits

Acre- an area of land equal to 4,840 square yards. One acre is about the size of the grassy part of a football field.

Median- The median is the value or number that falls exactly in the middle of all the other numbers in a list of data. Half of the numbers on the list are more than the median and half of the numbers on the list are less than the median.

Park acres per 1000 people- for every 1000 people who live in an area, this is how much park space is available for them to use

East Los Angeles (Unincorporated)- unincorporated means an area that is not officially a part of any city. East Los Angeles is an area of Los Angeles that is not included in any city and relies on services from and is governed by L.A. County.