Change can begin with action in your local neighborhood. Read more about one inspiring example in San Diego: Chicano Park in Barrio Logan
On April 22, 1970, a college student in San Diego noticed that there was construction under a bridge in the Barrio Logan neighborhood where the city had promised to develop a park. When he learned that the city now was building a highway patrol station, he alerted his community. Parents, children, grandparents, college students and community organizations joined together to stop the construction and create a park. Every year since then, the community celebrates Chicano Park Day with an event for the families that includes food, live music and a car show. Chicano Park is an active symbol of resistance and it now holds one of the largest collections of murals that represent the culture and history of the people of Barrio Logan

Share ideas with your Parks and Recreation Department and your elected representatives.

Most cities have a Parks and Recreation Department and Los Angeles County has one too. These are public agencies and as such should welcome ideas from students and other members of the public. T

Michael Shull, (213) 202-2700 / John Wicker, (626) 588-5382 /

If you live in Los Angeles, you can find your City Council member here:

You can also share your ideas at your local neighborhood council. Find out where and when it meets:

Find out who your County Supervisor is here:

Or talk to your state legislators about investing more in our public parks. Find your state legislator here:

Other officials to contact:

Jane I. Beesley: District Administrator, Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District


Josefina Aguilar: Executive Director, T.R.U.S.T. South LA


Norma E. Garcia: Chief Deputy Director, LA County Department of Parks and Recreation


Michael Shull: General Manager, LA City Department of Parks and Recreation


Shana Bonstin: Deputy Director of Community Planning, LA City Planning