5th & 6th Grade Students: Young Writers Workshop


Two-week workshop from 9AM-12PM for students entering 5th-6th grades. Welcome, young writers! Join us for an exciting time of writing, reading and collaborating with fellow students. Workshop Fee: $450

7th & 8th Grade Students: Writing in the Middle


Two-week workshop from 9am -12pm for students entering 7th-8th grades. Reading, talking, drafting, writing—and more writing! We’ll focus on writing in a variety of genres—personal narratives, writing based on sources, essays with attitude and poetry/spoken word. Workshop Fee: $450

9th-12th Grade Students: College Ready Writers


Two-week workshop from 9am-12pm for students entering grades 9-12. Learn how to organize, develop and refine your writing, and how to find your academic voice. Workshop Fee: $450