With Different Eyes: UCLA Writing Project Celebrates 25 Years of Signature Conference

UCLA’s Writing Project celebrates the 25th year of its signature event, “With Different Eyes: A Conference for Teachers of English Learners Across the Disciplines,” on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015 in Moore Hall. Tyrone Howard, UCLA professor of education and founder/faculty director of the Black Male Institute, will present the keynote address.

“We are so fortunate to have our keynote speaker, Professor Tyrone Howard, set the stage by focusing on the ways race, culture and language matter in schools,” says Faye Peitzman, director of the UCLA Writing Project at Center X, and the conference chair. “Then our K-University colleagues will engage us in hands-on workshops that offer rich examples of teaching that put students at the center and that show respect and admiration for their funds of knowledge, their multi-lingual lives and abilities.”

The daylong conference will include sessions on a variety of topics, including “African American Literature Text Sets,” “Enhancing Literacy Through Art (K-5),” “The Politics of Un-Translated Moments in Fiction (9-12),” and “I am STEM: Supporting Urban Students as They Develop a Positive STEM Identity.”

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