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Welcome to Karen Recinos' Fieldwork Portfolio ~ Bienvenidos

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Karen Recinos' Fieldwork Portfolio


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  • The Fieldwork Portfolio is evidence of the growth and development I have experienced in my quest to demonstrate competency in the six administrative standards (CPSELs). This year presented many leadership opportunities that broaden my perspective about the responsibilities of an urban school leader.  The work I included in this portfolio highlights the information and knowledged I have attained throughout the academic school year.  A leader must lead by example and I tried to equip myself with the skills necessary to become the leaders others will want to follow


Main Projects and responsibilities

      • Character Building Program
      • School Yearbook
      • School Committees
      • Parental Involvement
      • Instructional Leader - G.L.A.D. Presentation
      • Individual Growth and Development

Student Information

  • Karen Recinos is a dedicated teacher who strives to become an efficient educator.  She is a lifelong learner and is not afraid to take risks to create a positive learning environment.  Currently, Karen teaches second and third grade in a dual language classroom at UCLA Community School.  She is passionate about advocating for quality dual language programs that offer students the opporunity to keep and strengthen their first language skills as they acquire a second language. She believes that educational leades must create supportive networks to bring a variety of resources into the school setting.  This is her fourth year teaching and she started on a journey to develop the skills an education leader needs to transform a school into a safe space where all children and their parents feel welcomed and validated.
  • Karen is currently a part of the Principal Leadership Institute, Cohort 10. 
  • You may want to read about Karen's family at She's a Special Mother by any Definition
  • Karen Recinos can be reached at or  

School information 

  • Site Supervisor: Georgia Lazo 





Fieldwork Class Information

  • University Field Supervisor: Nancy Parachini
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