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Who We Are

Since 1997, the UCLA Parent Curriculum Project (PCP) has provided researched-based programs grounded in best practices of parent involvement in schools for Los Angeles County School Districts. The PCP is a professional development program that focuses on developing and sustaining parent leadership in schools. Its programs are embedded in the belief that parent’s:

  • Knowledge can assist in school progress
  • Social, cultural and economic backgrounds are strengths
  • Strengths can assist schools in making informed decision that will make schools a better place for all students

This project brings parents of diverse ethnic backgrounds together to share their expertise and to experience interactive California Curriculum Framework presentations by the UCLA Center X Subject Matter Projects. Parents have an opportunity to dialogue with principals, visit classrooms, and explore assessment practices. The participants then design action plans to implement change at their local school sites. Parents join educators as a necessary part of professional development that will improve schools for all children.

The PCP partners with schools and local districts to improve parent involvement and student outcomes in low performing schools. The PCP also contracts with schools to custom design parent leadership development programs that meet the needs of their particular parent population.

The overall outcome goal of the PCP is to enable parents to acquire: the knowledge, effective skills and strategies to significantly increase and sustain parent involvement and parent leadership in schools.