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Professional Development Programs

UCLAMP provides professional development programs that give K-12 teachers of mathematics the opportunity to deepen their mathematical knowledge, to enhance and expand their teaching strategies, and to develop their leadership capabilities. UCLAMP provides a wide range of services that utilize university resources to enrich mathematics teaching in today’s urban schools. Programs are offered throughout the year. Please check our calendar to see upcoming events.


    The New Teacher Institute targets K-12 teachers in their first three years of teaching. The focus of the institute is to familiarize the participants with the California Framework and Standard, to deepen mathematics content knowledge, and to model effective mathematics pedagogy.

    In August 2010, the California State Board of Education approved the California Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CaCCSS). The content standards, along with the new Standards for Mathematical Practice, will require mathematics teachers to alter their instructional practices to include more critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and problem solving. This institute will provide participants with strategies and resources for successful implementation of the CaCCSS.


    Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI), based upon 20 years of research, has helped teachers to map out how basic number skills develop in the early grades. CGI helps teachers understand how children’s mathematical ideas develop and provides an opportunity to build on their own thinking.
    Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) References

Mathematics Program Director Kyndall Brown gives a talk called "An Economic Case for Equity: Getting to the COR" at the Key Curriculum Press Ignite event at the 2011 CMC-South conference in Palm Springs.

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