The Culture & Equity Project works collaboratively with educators in examining the important connections between culture, teaching and learning and leadership.  We engage our partners in identifying processes and strategies that push them to reimagine relationships, policies, teaching and learning through a cultural and equity lens.  This co-constructed professional learning challenges assumptions and pushes one to design actions that better serve students and school communities.


To critique dominant beliefs and norms about teaching and learning so educational spaces can be transformed into places where the culture of those we serve are being sustained, centered and a conduit for increased academic opportunity.

Working in the ground breaking tradition of UCLA’s Center X, the Culture & Equity Project is a powerful resource for educators. As our society becomes more diverse, educators must have the ability to work effectively across differences related to race, class, language and culture, to meet the needs of all students. Staffed by highly experienced educators, the Culture & Equity Project provides the guidance and support schools and educators need to be successful and effective.”

Pedro Noguera

Distinguished Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies