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Principal Leadership Institute: Not So Lonely at the Top

The PLI program grooms principals to capitalize on teachers’ strengths and provides peer support for school leaders to lead for justice. Principals and administrators who are graduates of PLI carry the concept of equity and access toward leading their teachers as well as ensuring it for their students

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Center X’s AP Readiness program helps propel local high school students to AP test success

For 15 years the AP Readiness program has held workshops for thousands of Los Angeles high school students. AP Readiness Program is held monthly from September to April, in eight four-hour sessions, leading up to the AP exams in May. The program provides instruction and support in AP subjects. An average of 1,500 to 3,900 students and 125 to 230 educators from 73 Los Angeles-area schools participate in the workshops.

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TEP Launches Exploration of Well-Being for Teachers

TEP staff and faculty organized workshops presented by teacher candidates for self-realization and self-nurturing for educators.

“Those of us who work with TEP students recognized that they were under a significant amount of stress so we wanted to do something to support their well-being. It’s amazing how complex the life of the classroom is,” observes McMullin. “That’s why it baffles me that we hardly pay attention to teachers’ well-being in our profession.”

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Shannon Garrison: TEP Alumna Appointed to Second Term on National Assessment Governing Board

“I take special care to represent the fact that I work with English language learners, the fact that I work with students who maybe don’t have the resources that other students may have,” says Garrison. “We look a lot at bias and cultural relevance. I feel that it’s a big responsibility on my shoulders to make sure I represent teachers but more importantly, that I represent my students and parents in what I say and bring to the table.”

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