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Center X Directory

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Staff in Center X Programs


Fiscal and Administrative Directory

Staff at Center X in the administrative and fiscal groups.

Name Phone  E-mail Position
Altobar, Sheriah 310-206-2969   Graphic Designer
Breen, Karla   310-825-0862   Director of Business Administration,
Center X
Francois, Annamarie  310-825-6812 Executive Director
Happel, Beth    310-206-2969 Web Developer
Howard, Tyrone 310-267-4824 Faculty Director 
Petro, Alexandra
310-825-6795 Fiscal Coordinator
Quartz, Karen     310-206-5241  Director of Research
Santiago, Aris 310-206-7053 Assistant Fund Manager
Sidler, Courtney 310-206-7173 Contracts and Grants & Payroll Manager
Assistant Director of Business Administration



Professional Development Directory

Staff at Center X associated with all of the Professional Development Projects.

Name  Phone  E-mail Position
Alber, Rebecca Professional Learning Partner, Literacy - Partnerships
Anderson-Demiraz, Shervaughnna 310-825-8979 Co-Director, CRLP
Avery, Laureen 203-365-8914   Director, Center X Northeast Region
Beas, Salvador Program Coordinator, Mobilize
Berger, James Professional Learning Partner, History/Social Studies - Partnerships
Bernier, David Director, Exploring Computer Science
Cervone, Jason 203-365-8914   Evaluation Specialist, Center X Northeast Region
Diaz, Estela 310-206-9796 Program Coordinator, UCLA History-Geography Project
Diaz, Jeffrey 310-825-5599 Program Coordinator, UCLA Mathematics Project
DiMartino, Lisa 203-365-8914   Program Specialist, Center X Northeast Region
Garcia, Aldo 310-825-7121 Program Coordinator, UCLA Science Project
Gonzalez-Soto, Amparo Professional Learning Partner, History/Social Studies - Partnerships
Hancock, Jane 310-825-9495 Co-Director, UCLA Writing Project
Hipolito, Emma 310-825-7053 Co-Director, UCLA History-Geography Project
Jago, Carol  310-206-2948 Co-Director, CRLP
John, Lynn Kim 310-825-1109 Director, UCLA Science Project
Kasuya, Nina
310-206-3544 Program Coordinator, UCLA Writing Project
Keipp, James
310-825-4910 Director, Partnerships & AP Readiness
Koehn, Carolee 310-825-4910

Director, UCLA Mathematics Project

Director, Parent Project

Lopez, Juan 203-365-8914   Program Specialist, Center X Northeast Region
Miller, Mary 310-825-7749 Co-Director, UCLA History-Geography Project
Peitzman, Faye  310-825-6990 Director, UCLA Writing Project
Powers, Erin 805-453-5786 Professional Learning Partner, Literacy - Partnerships, Associate Director for Professional Development, UCLA Writing Project
Reyna, Yolanda  310-206-3544 Program Coordinator, UCLA Writing Project
Richards, LaJuana 310-206-4156 Program Coordinator, Center X NER
Robles, Gabby 310-206-7574 Program Coordinator, CRLP
Scott, Bettye 310-794-7968 Program Coordinator, Professional Development & Partnerships/
Starke, Rosa 310-825-1112 Associate Director, UCLA Mathematics Project
Trusela, LeeAnn Director, Mobilize
Usui, Carrie  310-825-2625 Director, NBPTS / Professional Development & Partnerships
Zolkin, Barbara 310-794-5991 Program Coordinator, AP Readiness



Teacher Education Program Directory

Faculty and staff at Center X associated with the UCLA Teacher Education Program.

Name  Phone E-mail Position
Alarcon, Raul Instructor
Alber, Rebecca Faculty Advisor & Field Support
Brazzeller, Grenada Faculty Advisor
Chan Torrou, Angela
Chou, June 310-825-8383 Program Coordinator
Darby, Jaye 310-825-4063 Instructor
Francois, Annamarie  310-825-6812 Faculty
Franke, Megan     310-206-3511 Professor
Goldberg, Jackie 310-825-5609 Faculty Advisor
Heuser, Frank 310-206-8297 Faculty Advisor (Music)
Honda, Jackie  310-794-2133 Program Manager
Howard, Tyrone 310-206-3511 Professor
Kersey, Sara 310-206-2186 Faculty Advisor 
Koehn, Carolee 310-206-7351 Director UCLA Math Project
LaMonte, Michelle
Lane, Sheila  310-206-4787 Faculty Advisor
Lazare, Shernice UCLA Lab School Instructor
Lee, Darlene    818-592-6577 Faculty Advisor 
Lopez, Eduardo   323-360-7919 Faculty Advisor
Nava, Imelda 310-206-2948 Faculty Advisor
Oswald, Susan 310-753-8971 University Field Supervisor
Park, Jaime 310-206-3911 Faculty Advisor
Peitzman, Faye 310-825-6990 Faculty Advisor
Philip, Thomas 310-206-7560 Assistant Professor
Priselac, Jody 310-206-0023  Faculty
Reyes-McGovern, Elexia Faculty Advisor
Reyna, Yolanda 310-206-3544 Program Coordinator
Romero, Martin

GSR & Field Supervisor
Sandoval, Bill 310-794-5431 Associate Professor
Share, Jeff 310-825-7494 Faculty Advisor
Starke, Rose 310-825-1112 Faculty Advisor
Stewart, Taquan Faculty Advisor
Tenorio, Susan 213-590-9010  University Field Supervisor
Villanueva, Irene Faculty Advisor
Williams, Rae Jeane 310-825-5715  Faculty Advisor



Principal Leadership Institute Directory

Faculty and staff at Center X associated with the UCLA Principal Leadership Institute.

Name  Phone E-mail Position
Biegel, Stuart 310-206-0132 Faculty
Birch, Nataly    310-267-4905 Program Coordinator 
Cazares, Andy 310-794-7357 Faculty
Cooper, Robert   310-267-2494  Faculty Co-Director
Flores, Chuck 213-480-3700 Faculty
Franke, Megan  310-206-3511 or
310-825-2624 Faculty
Gomez, Louis 310-825-0978 Faculty
Kissane-Long, Akida 323-569-8141 Faculty
Lazo, Georgia
Lonon, DeeDee  310-267-4905 Faculty
Orange, Tonikiaa Faculty
Parachini, Nancy  310-825-6212 Director
Price, Merle 310-206-9936 Faculty
Quartz, Karen Hunter 310-206-5241 Faculty
Rogers, John 310-206-4620

Faculty Co-Director

Thompson, Sidney 310-794-9290 Faculty

UCLA Community School Directory

Staff at Center X associated with UCLA Community School.

Name Phone  E-mail Position
Bang, Sarah    213-480-3767  Associate Director of Bridging and Engagement
Choi, Lora    213-480-3767  Program Coordinator, UCLA Community School
Hunter Quartz, Karen     310-206-5241  Director of Research, UCLA Community School
Manska, Faith    310-206-0872  Program Coordinator, UCLA Community School
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