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NBPTS Resources

Resources to learn more about the NBPTS process.

Title Description Item Type
File Architecture of Accomplished Teaching A graphic representation of the NBPTS architecture for accomplished teaching File
Link PTDC at UCLA Center X Candidates Wiki For candidates of the PTDC at UCLA Center X, this wiki allows candidates to share questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback regarding the NBC process. Link
Link Becoming a National Board Candidate For potential National Board Candidates explaining the process and how to apply for National Board Certification Link
Link Take One!® Information about the Take One!® process, a professional development model based on the NBPTS standards and portfolio process and open to all K-12 educators Link
Link National Board Support Scoring Discussion NBC assessors discuss the scoring process for National Board portfolios and assessments in a video produced by the National Board Resource Center (NBRC) at Stan... Link
Link National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) Link to NBPTS website for information about National Board Certification Link
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